Project Description


Buttery dark chocolate tart shell filled with creams and custards and topped with fruits or meringues.

Caramelized Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Tart
Reine du Chocolat
Jivara Milk Chocolate Meringue
Tropical Fruited Duo Chocolat

ALLERGEN INFORMATION – All contain: wheat, milk, & eggs.

$9.95 – $10.95 / each    


Rich, decadent round chocolate cakes that serve one or great to share.

Chocolate Caramel Decadence*
Flourless Chocolate Cake

ALLERGEN INFORMATION – All contain: milk & eggs.

* also contains wheat

$9.95 – $10.95 / each    




1/2 dozen minimum per flavor.
Some flavors are not offered weekly. Please call to inquire about availability.